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This code expresses the ethical commitments and responsibilities fulfilled in the performance of business activities of Tredy sas , meaning both the executives and the employees, in every sense of the term, of this Company.

The mission of Tredy sas:

The mission of Tredy sas is to pursue excellence in the supply of tourist services, applying skills and technological innovation to growth initiatives designed to maintain the Company’s leadership in the tourist industry while creating value for the Company itself, satisfaction for its clients and professional growth for its staff members. The Tredy sas is persuaded that it is possible to operate in a commercial field and pointing to the financial benefits, while putting at the centre of the Company the human being and his dignity . The employee, therefore, plays a leading role in the Company Tredy sas.

A cooperative approach towards stakeholders:

Tredy sas aims to maintain and develop a relationship of trust with its stakeholders, meaning those categories of individuals, groups or institutions which play a role in the accomplishment of Tredy’s mission, or which, in any event, have an interest in the pursuit of that mission.
Stakeholders are those who make investments tied to the activities of Tredy sas, meaning the staff members, clients, suppliers and business partners. In a broader sense, the term refers to all those individuals or groups, as well as the organisations or institutions which represent them, whose interests are directly or indirectly affected by the activities of Tredy sas: this means the local and national communities in which Tredy sas operates.

Unethical conduct

Unethical conduct in the performance of business activities compromises the relationship of trust between Tredy sas and its stakeholders. Unethical behaviour - which favours attitudes of hostility towards the Company - includes attempts on the part of anyone, either an individual or an organisation, to reap the benefits from the contributions of others by exploiting positions of power.
Anything that brings economic benefits, but undermines the dignity of the human being, will be considered ethically unacceptable by the Company Tredy sas.

The value of a good reputation and fiduciary duties:

A good reputation is an essential intangible resource.
A good reputation in external relations favours growth of the Company, client loyalty, the recruiting of the best human resources, supplier’s peace of mind and reliability in the eyes of creditors. In terms of internal affairs, a good reputation makes it possible to take decisions and implement them without friction, organising work activities without bureaucratic controls and an excessive use of authority.
Given that the code of ethics clearly states the specific duties of Tredy sas towards its stakeholders (fiduciary duties), it is proposed that observance of the code is used as the term of comparison for judging the reputation of Tredy sas. The code of ethics consists of:

  • the general principles governing relations with stakeholders, which determine, in an abstract manner, the reference values for judging Tredy’s activities;
  • the criteria of conduct in relations with each category of stakeholder, which generate the specific guidelines and standards that Tredy sas staff members are required to follow in order to comply with the general principles and prevent the risk of unethical forms of behaviour;
  • the mechanisms of implementation, which form the system of control designed to ensure the observance and continuous improvement of the code of ethics.

The value of reciprocity

Inherent in the code is an ideal of cooperation meant to work to the mutual advantage of the parties involved, in accordance with the role of each. With this in mind, Tredy sas requests that each stakeholder deal with the Company according to principles and rules based on a similar idea of ethical conduct.

Validity and application of the code

The code of ethics applies to the Company Tredy sas, meaning that it is binding for the conduct of all the staff members of this Company. In addition, Tredy sas requests that the conduct of all its associated enterprises, as well as its chief suppliers, comply with the general principles of the present code. The code of ethics is valid both in Italy and abroad, albeit in accordance with the cultural, social and economic differences in the various Countries where Tredy sas operates.

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